Al Majmoua’s non-financial services comprise a variety of free trainings and social activities which play a complementary role in developing beneficiaries’ businesses and improving their quality of life and family conditions.

Our non-financial services were introduced in 2006 and are offered free of charge to borrowers and non-borrowers, with priority to women and youth. These services comprise Business Development Services, Product Quality Improvement and Marketing, Personal Development, and Provision of Toolkit and Equipment.

business development sevices

  • Business management trainings: entrepreneurship, market study, SWOT analysis, business planning, management, marketing, promotion and legal registration.
  • Financial education trainings: debts, budgeting and savings.
  • Vocational trainings: technical trainings to orient women towards new types of income-generating activities.
  • Individual business diagnosis: in-depth business diagnosis and co-elaboration and implementation of short-term business action plans.
  • Youth entrepreneurship program: leadership, entrepreneurship and business creation.
  • Access to wage-earning employment: employment in full-time jobs.

product quality improvement and marketing

  • Product quality improvement and control: Awareness sessions on food quality, hygiene and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) – designed specifically for food and agri-business micro-entrepreneurs.
  • Supplier trips: group trips to wholesale suppliers allowing clients to purchase raw materials at discounted prices.
  • Marketing and commercialization support: assistance in designing basic market research, product labeling and packaging, organization of fairs and exhibitions to provide direct sales channels and larger market outreach.

personal development

  • Personal development sessions: gender awareness, women economic rights, communication, self-confidence, decision-making and household budget management.
  • Awareness sessions: children rights, parents-children relations, domestic violence and health prevention.
  • Networking: involving women beneficiaries in regional forums where they exchange experience and know-how, expand their network, and gain self-confidence and initiative.

provision of toolkit and equipment

  • Delivery of business toolkits and start-up toolkits solutions.








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