Al Majmoua constantly undergoes financial and social performance assessments conducted by external organizations in order to verify our compliance to industry best practices. The assessments are either in the form of reviews or check-lists that evaluate the existence of specific procedures and/or their implementation to finally provide a rating grade or certification.

Al Majmoua Earning the SMART CERTIFICATION

Beirut, Lebanon, Jan – 2020, with the support of IFC, Al Majmoua is proud to announce earning the SMART CERTIFICATION by adopting its policies and procedures for protecting borrowers showing once again its commitment towards providing a distinguished service to borrowers and treating them with fairness and respect.
The Smart Campaign, an international microfinance advocacy initiative launched in October 2009, seeks to unite microfinance providers worldwide to ensure that microfinance clients are treated fairly and responsibly and do not become over-indebted. The Campaign’s mission is to promote six pro-consumer principles which include avoidance of over-indebtedness, transparent pricing, appropriate collections practices, ethical staff behavior, mechanisms for redress of grievances and privacy of client data.

Project title: "Empowerment of Adolescent girls and women and making of Champions"

Al Majmoua carried out training for UNFPA beneficiaries mainly adolescent girls and women on topics such as saving, debt management, and budgeting financial management with the aim of raising awareness and build capacity of beneficiaries on these issues.
Al Majmouaa also delivered the Making of a Champion program which is a program specifically designed to help youth develop even more of their potential for success and their leadership skills. It is designed to lead them towards setting and achieving goals which is crucial for them to best assist beneficiaries in the community
At the end of the project, 78 girls strengthened through financial education course and 60 girls were productive through their work.

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Under the frame of the leadership management international licensee

Al-Majmoua participated in the international convention in South Carolina where Al-Majmoua awarded with 6 Awards like the worldwide productivity and Best Rookies Licensee.

Excellence in Leadership Award

Al Majmoua received the Women’s World Banking Excellence in Leadership Award which recognizes al Majmoua’s commitment to promoting gender diversity among the organization’s staff, leadership and governance alongside its mission to serve low-income women.








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