Al Majmoua is committed to following international best practices in microfinance. We endorse industry initiatives like the Smart Campaign for client protection or MFTransparency for pricing integrity and transparency maintaining our adherence to double bottom line operations and results.

On the institutional level, we demonstrate our commitment through continuously improving our internal Social Performance Management practices as well as undergoing assessments and ratings conducted by external organizations, and obtaining recognitions and certifications that acknowledge our compliance and achievements.

On the industry level, Al Majmoua constantly seizes the opportunity to share its experience and knowledge not only on the local or regional levels, but on international platforms. Our transparency in this aspect is due to our firm belief that the collaboration among microfinance stakeholders is an essential ingredient to serving our clients more effectively. For instance, SPTF included our client satisfaction survey and client exit survey as public tools in its Resource Center, and in its Implementation Guide. A case study about the surveys prepared by Microfinance Network (MFN) can be found here.