Board of Directors

Al Majmoua's main decision-making body is the Board of Directors whose overall responsibilities are strategy, policy and results delivery.

Mr. Ramzi El Hafez
General Manager of InfoPro and Publisher of Lebanon Opportunities.

Vice President
Dr. Ghassan Hamadeh, MD, CPE
Associate Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Professor & Chair, Family Medicine, American University of Beirut.

Dr. Hanin Abdallah
Lecturer in Business Ethics & Assistant Dean of Students at the Olayan School of Business, American University of Beirut (AUB).

Mr. Gabriel Deek
General Manager of OmniSystems.

Mr. Hussein Rifaï,
Chairman General Manager of Management & Development International Company (MDIC).

Me. Roland Tok
Owner/Lawyer, Roland Tok Law Firm.


Our team consists of more than 280 highly motivated, skilled and dedicated full-time employees. The majority of staff is allocated to the branches, and Loan Analysts who constitute more than 60% of total staff are recruited from their communities, thus building on their social networks and local familiarity to provide quality customer service to the clients.

At Al Majmoua , we endorse equal-opportunity employment where women constitute 58% of our staff and 57% of senior managers, while 8% of our team are non-Lebanese nationals, and 9% are former clients.

We acknowledge that empowering our staff is key to our success. Therefore, we highly invest in capacity-building and training programs which are offered in-house by our Training Unit or externally by recognized institutions or trainers, thus providing two training days on average, per year for each employee.