Vision, Mission, and Core Values


Our vision is to be the leader in creating an inclusive financial system where all people in Lebanon have access to affordable services.


Our mission is to promote sustainable development by improving the economic and social conditions of low-income individuals, especially micro-entrepreneurs and women, through the provision of financial and non-financial services, all over Lebanon.

Core Values


Al Majmoua treats all clients and employees equally irrespective of their gender, nationality, ethnic group, religion and political affiliation. We strongly promote diversity and gender equality and encourage freedom of choice, opinion and expression. In this respect, Al Majmoua operates as a free, independent, and a non-partisan institution focusing on responsible microfinance.


Al Majmoua strength is grounded in our competent and knowledgeable staff who focus on the efficient management of resources to create more value to clients while achieving productivity, competitiveness and sustainability. We encourage the innovative adaptation of our offerings to effectively respond to changes in our clients’ needs. Al Majmoua abides by firm accountability measures that secure our high values of responsibility towards our staff, clients and the community.

High ethics

Over the years, we have invested in our human capital. Our staff firmly adheres to our code of ethics, starting of from personal integrity to loyalty to the institution and clients. Employees foster mutual trust through responsible and honest interactions. Al Majmoua’s organizational culture promotes open and transparent information sharing internally among staff and externally with clients and partner.


Al Majmoua endorses and enforces client protection principles all through the lending process. While putting clients’ benefits at the core of our actions, we actively listen to our clients and tailor products and services based on their needs and preferences. Appropriate product design, prevention of over-indebtedness, and the fair and respectful treatment of clients are focal to our operations.